Joe Biden
our children's future

Even during COVID-19 school closures that put the education of America's children at risk...

Biden STILL opposes Parental Choice Grants.

Take Joe Biden's word for it:

"This week, Joe Biden announced his full-throated opposition to the notion that all families should get the opportunity to choose the best school for their children." (Washington Examiner, 1/25/2020)
Biden’s COVID school re-opening plans make no accommodation for parental school choice. (NPR, 7/17/2020)
Joe Biden: "I am not a charter school fan." (Youtube, 7/3/2020)
"Biden voted against the Washington D.C. federal voucher program." (, "Joe Biden")
The teacher’s union-funded "Network for Public Education" gave Biden an "A" for voting to force low-income families to keep their children in failing government schools. (, 2020)
Despite Biden’s opposition to a private option, when it came time to send his two sons to high school, he chose the same private option he attended.

Joe Biden is a BAD CHOICE for President.

Say NO to JOE